Family Dentistry

NOLA Dental Studio is outfitted with the latest dental technology, including digital X-Rays with low radiation, and paperless digital record keeping.

Whether you need an exam, cleaning, are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your smile, Dr. Blum and her staff are here to meet your needs.

NOLA Dental Studio accepts patients of any age and can meet the needs of your entire family.

Crowns and Bridges

NOLA Dental Studio's crowns and bridges are either 100% porcelain or porcelain fused to metal.

Sedation Dentistry

Now its possible to have your dental work done with little to no pain and less anxiety thanks to sedation dentistry.

Sedation isn't always required but when it is NOLA Dental Studio uses a Nitrous Oxide (N2O) system for the majority of its sedation work. N2O is completely reversible and is out of your system in five minutes. You won't be required to have a separate driver after your appointment.

On a case-by-case basis, Dr. Blum may determine that an oral type sedation should be used. In these cases it's important to know that a driver will be required to and from your appointment.


Dentures and Partials

NOLA Dental Studio can fit you for full or partial dentures depending on your requirements.

Cleanings and Periodontal Care

All of NOLA Dental Studio's cleanings are performed by a Registered Dental Hygienist. Adults should have a cleaning at least twice a year. If you have children, they should see us as soon as they have teeth or by the age of two at the latest.

Keeping your teeth clean combined with proper periodontal care can contribute to a longer healthier life. Read the articles below for more information on how periodontal disease can affect your health.

NOLA Dental Studio carries and highly recommends the Philips Sonicare line of teeth cleaning products.


All of Dr. Blum's fillings are tooth colored and Amalgam free.


Dr. Blum can perform tooth extractions. However, she prefers not to perform the procedure until she has the opportunity to discuss all of the patient's options for tooth replacement.

There are three options from replacing missing teeth. Option one, an implant retained crown or implant retained bridge. Option two, a tooth retained bridge. And option  three, a removable partial denture.

Dr. Blum will work with you to determine what option is best for you and your smile.


Root Canals

Thanks to the latest dental technology - root canals should no longer be feared. When combined with sedation dentistry, getting a root canal isn't any more unpleasant than a regular filling. Failing to obtain a necessary root canal on the other hand, can have serious medical consequences.

Cancer Screening

One American dies every hour from oral cancer.  Late detection of oral cancer is the primary cause that both the incident and mortality rates of oral cancer continue to increase.  As with most cancers, age is the primary risk factor for oral cancer.  Tobacco and alcohol use are other major predisposing risk factors but more than 25% of oral cancer victims have no such lifestyle risk factors.  Studies also suggest that human papillomavirus (HPV 16/18) plays a role in more than 20% of oral cancer cases.

We have recently incorporated Trimira Identafi 3000 Ultra into our oral screening standard of care.  We find that using Timira Identafi 3000 Ultra along with a standard oral cancer examination improves the ability to identify suspicious areas at their earliest stages.  Trimira  Identifi 3000 Ultra is a simple and painless examination that gives the best chance to find any oral abnormalities at the earliest possible stage.

At NOLA Dental Studio, we recommend an oral cancer screening with every cleaning.

Dental Health Articles

recommended by Dr. Blum

Same Day Crowns

NOLA Dental Studio is proud to offer CEREC® - the latest in single visit crown technology. CEREC® is a breakthrough computerized 3D technology that allows us to to create custom dental crowns and veneers right in our office. By using this advanced technology NOLA Dental Studio can provide you custom, perfectly matched and perfectly fitted dental crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays - all during a single appointment!

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